Case Study: Making the Case for Critical Asset Protection

Go beyond compliance-only DLP to meet business objectives for comprehensive data protection.

For a Major Cancer Center, Data Protection Is a Commitment

For a nationally recognized Cancer Center, safeguarding patient data is an essential priority. But for this organization, data protection goes far beyond regulatory compliance.

The Cancer Center had made significant investments in cybersecurity to protect its perimeter and was committed to combatting threats from both inside and outside the organization. They turned to InteliSecure to implement a comprehensive Critical Asset Protection Program.

In the case study Making the Case for Critical Asset Protection, you learn how the Cancer Center relied on InteliSecure’s proven Managed Data Protection Services to:

  • Identify its critical data assets, including both patient information and intellectual property related to research
  • Develop a data protection program for both structured and unstructured data
  • Operationalize the program without overwhelming internal security teams
  • Leverage analytics and reporting to make informed security decisions

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Making the Case for Critical Asset Protection