Data Sheet: Critical Asset Protection Program

Build a clear path to improved data protection.

Protect what matters most.

To protect data in the age of cloud and mobile computing, organizations must understand which data is sensitive and how it should be accessed, stored, and shared—and by whom.

InteliSecure’s Critical Asset Protection Program™ (CAPP) identifies the critical data assets that, if disclosed or compromised, would cause significant damage to your organization’s finances or reputation.

In this data sheet, you’ll learn about InteliSecure’s methodology for providing a risk-based, cost-effective CAPP, including:

  • Definition and identification of your organization’s most important data assets
  • What information those assets contain
  • How the assets are allowed to move inside and outside the organization
  • Who should have access to the information—and who should not

With the solid foundation that a CAPP provides, your organization can confidently build a comprehensive data protection program that safeguards your fiscal integrity, business operations, and reputation.

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