White Paper: Bringing the Microsoft Security Ecosystem into Focus

Leverage the Microsoft tools you already own to reduce security spend.

Can you get enterprise data protection with Microsoft tools?

Microsoft has made significant investments in their suite of security tools, including Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Cloud Application Security (CAS), and Azure Information Protection (AIP). However, those technologies aren’t natively integrated in a way that easily enables enterprise workflow.

The InteliSecure® Aperture™ platform is purpose-built to integrate the Microsoft security ecosystem. The solution enables organizations to leverage Microsoft licenses—and realize significant cost savings.

In the white paper Bringing the Microsoft Security Ecosystem into Focus, you’ll learn:

  • How Microsoft’s security tools offer enterprise-level information security solutions
  • The advantages of a consolidated security strategy
  • How the Aperture platform enables centralized, standardized, and simplified security management

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Bringing the Microsoft Security Ecosystem into Focus